Flying is a dream that can come true and is more accessible than many people think. The aeroclub de Champagne offers several formulas, whether you want to discover the earth viewed from the skies as a pilot or as a passenger, or whether you wish to take flying lessons in our flying school in order to train for one of the licences or certifications that we can help you prepare.

Initiation and first flights

First flight, initiation to flying, we propose numerous possibilities for you to discover flying :

  • First flight, 30 minutes for 1-2 people 130€ / 50€ per additional person
  • 30 minute initiation, including pre-flight theoretical briefing, 30 minute flight as a pilot, debriefing, insurance: 120€
  • 2×40 min initiation, including 2 pre-flight theoretical briefings, 2 forty-minutes flights as a pilot, 2 debriefings, insurance: 280€
  • 3×45 min initiation,  including 3 pre-flight theoretical briefings, 3 forty-minutes flights as a pilot, 3 debriefings, insurance: 450€
  • Initiation to Instrument Rules flights on PA 28 Turbo, including 4h of theory class, 3 one-hour flights, briefing and debriefing of each flight, insurance: 799€

Private pilot licence – PPL – LAPL

The private pilot licence (PPL) allows you to fly on the whole European territory, if the weather allows flying by sight. It allows you to fly passengers. It is possible to pass the basic licence in the course of the training.

You can also get additional certifications : VP (variable pitch), RU (retractable gear), night flight.

Conditions :

  • Get a medical certificate from a certified doctor
  • Fly at least 45 hours on Evektor Sportstar
  • Pass a theory exam 
  • Pass a ground and flight exam

On top of the PPL, there is also the LAPL licence , which a recent creation. It is very close the PPL but costs less, because the training is shorter and the conditions slightly different. Here is a comparison of the two :

Countries authorizedAll EU + SwitzerlandWorldwide
Planes Single engine, piston-powered <2tAny type
Passengers3 maximum after 10h of solo flightNo restriction
Instrument flightNo certification possibleCertification possible
Medical aptitudeSpecific to LAPLClass 2
Validity of the medical aptitude5 years for people under 40 up to 42
2 years for people over 40
5 years for people under 40 up to 42
2 years between 40 and 50 up to 51
1 year for people over 50
Minimum hours of flight3050
Minimum hours of flight with dual control1525
Minimum hours of solo flight610
Hours of solo navigation3h, with a navigation flight of 80 Nm5h, with a navigation flight of 150 Nm
Estimated budget5500 €8300 €


Conditions : 

  • Own a private pilote licence (PPL or LAPL) 
  • Fly 4 hours on a Piper Arrow IV
  • Pass a theoretical and practical exam

The estimated budget is about 1000 € and includes :

Training   “SE/VP/RU/T/EFIS”
Theory lessons
4 hours of flight with dual command

The number of hours depends on the level of the student at the beginning of his/her training as well as on his/her progression; this quote is only an estimate and may vary.


Conditions : 

  • Own a private pilote licence (PPL or LAPL)
  • A minimum of 5 hours of training on DR400- TB10- Cessna 172 including 5 solo take-offs and 5 solo landings
  • A minimum of one hour of navigation

Budget of about 1200 € including :

Training Aptitude to Night Flight on TB10, C172 ou DR400
Theory lessons 
Insurance (*)
4h of flight with dual command
1h of solo flight
Runway lights fees

 (*) To be deduced if the trainee owns a FFA insurance.

The number of hours depends on the level of the student at the beginning of his/her training as well as on his/her progression; this quote is only an estimate and may vary.